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What is Collagen and Why Your Body Needs It Now More Than Ever

In your youth, collagen is indeed a plentiful protein in your body. It gives skin structure, helps blood clot properly, and is responsible for holding together bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles too. Basically, it’s like glue that works inside your body to keep things together.

But as you age, the collagen your body so easily created gets used up faster than your body can replace it. Think of it like hungry teens ravaging the fridge immediately after you stock it up from the supermarket. It just can’t keep up, and neither can you. That means you’ll need to help it along by supplementing your intake.

Where Collagen Comes From

Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein which primarily comes from animal sources. Long ago, collagen-rich diets were very natural because people in ancient times used all the parts of an animal like the cartilage, bones, and skin where the most collagen is stored.

You can get collagen from consuming bone broth, gelatin-based desserts, or even supplements that make it easier to add to any meal without any odor or flavor. Collagen can be transformed from its native source to gelatin to collagen peptides.

With gelatin, it is simply hydrolyzed collagen extracted from raw materials. It dissolves in warm water and when it cools, has that jellied consistency you know and love from certain desserts including treats like gummies. It’s also ideal for thickening sauces.

Taking it a step further in hydrolyzation, long strands of collagen are broken down further into small peptides which are soluble in cold water. They are very easy to digest and absorb by the human body. Because they’re bioactive, they serve as a way to trigger the recreation of new collagen fibers in skin as well as in the body for optimum health.

What Science Says About Collagen

Plenty of studies have been conducted to confirm the benefits of consuming collagen for better skin and overall health. In a 2014 study, women that took collagen daily for 8 weeks had improved skin elasticity. Additionally, another study found that just one gram of collagen for 12 weeks led to less skin dryness and reduced wrinkles. It also boosted blood flow and oxygen to the skin which led to a 6% greater collagen content in the skin.

Perhaps most notable of all was a review conducted in 2019 of 8 different studies. It found that the results were in favor of collagen for short and long-term benefits that affected skin aging and healing.

Why You Need to Take Collagen Supplements

A quality collagen supplement can help your body from losing out on the collagen it needs. When you help your body to replenish collagen stores, you slow down the process of aging and build a stronger, more active and youthful body. Consuming collagen in supplemental form makes it even easier to have younger looking skin, plus healthy joints, bones, and muscles. With a simple supplement you can add to anything you eat, it’s easier than ever to get the protein power of collagen behind you in everything you do.