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There must be an easier way than bone broth

Customers tell us their stories all the time. How or why they found themselves convinced by the benefits of collagen and the difference it’s made to their wellbeing. Not so long ago one such customer told us of their own discovery. Monique is 29 and lives in Benoni.

“I went to visit my sister (before lockdown, of course). She’s a keen home cook, having picked up all the skills my mother offered us, unlike me, as we grew up.” She began.

“I walked into the kitchen to the familiar smell of chicken soup on the hob. I opened the lid of the pan and inside was not the thick and indulgent soupy elixir of my youth, but rather a sort of strange looking transparent concoction with chicken bones making it look like some kind of witches’ brew. My eyebrows furrowed in disappointment.

My sister tapped the pan knowingly and said, “This, my dear sis, is the secret to eternal youth!”

I laughed, obviously, but she insisted she was serious. She had been making this painstaking bone broth once a week to extract a very special ingredient . . . collagen. I’d heard of it before; something to do with skin?

“You look like you could do with it,” she said.

How rude I said, but with more swear words!”

Monique’s sister is right of course. Collagen is the stuff that gives skin its youthful plumpness. Overtime free radicals caused by smoking, drinking, pollution, and just the process of existing lower the amounts of collagen in the skin. This leads to aging, wrinkles, and a tired-looking complexion. The collagen in the chicken bones is just the thing to replenish dwindling levels. It’s an excellent source of natural collagen.

Monique told us she was a bit sceptical at first, “I asked my sister why she didn’t just get a collagen cream? One she can just whack on her face to preserve her youth. This is a lot of faff!”

The truth is ingredients taken internally have a more profound impact on the body – topical treatments can only go so deep. Working from the inside out, collagen is proven to make a real difference to your skin.

Monique agreed with us, and her sister, that this made a lot of sense. If you’re the sort of person who is a keen supplement-taker, whether it’s B Vitamins or Omega oils, a healthy dose of natural collagen is the perfect way to add another level to keeping one’s body ship-shape.

Monique came to us, not because she didn’t trust her sister, but because she wanted to make sure this wasn’t just another ‘fad’. The good news is that the numbers and our experience back up her sister’s claim. Collagen is really good for you. All those benefits she mentioned are for real.

Monique looked suddenly disappointed. She explained, whilst her sis had the space in her life to butcher and debone a chicken carcass once a week, she certainly did not. Nor did she want the mess! That’s where we were able to step in. We’ve done all the hard work. By sourcing the highest quality hydrolyzed collagen, a supplement that is just as effective as Monique’s sister’s bone broth, but already prepared and ready to add to your breakfast supplement routine, we’ve made it simple.

Monique's eyes lit up.

We make it easy to get all the benefits without any of the tricky preparation, so you can feel the difference that collagen can make to how you look and feel.