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Summer Body Tips

Pure Within's Guide To Getting A Summer Body

If getting your best summer body is on your to-do list for the immediate future, you're going to want to read this blog. We've gone ahead and put together all the info you need to help you along your way and make sure you get your summer body in a healthy, safe way.

We'll look at your mindset, some planning and preparation, give some tips on how you can get the most out of your efforts, and a few pointers on what to do if you hit an obstacle.

Summer Body Mindset

While we're completely body positive and think people are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, we are allowed to want to improve the way we feel about being in the body we're in. We're allowed to work on ourselves so that we can hit the beach feeling more confident about wearing a swimsuit, itty bitty shorts, or a strappy summer dress.

The first thing you are going to take care of en route to manifesting your best summer body is to get clear in your mind. As with manifesting anything else in life, you need to hold a clear intention of what you want to achieve. How are you feeling in your body at the moment? What areas of your health do you want to improve so that you feel more comfortable inside your body? What would YOUR best summer body look like? How would you feel once you're wearing your summer body? How would you feel if you did nothing and just stayed the same as you are now? These are all questions you can ask yourself to get clear on what you want.

Please remember, while you're doing your enquiry here, that it's important that you are still loving and gentle with yourself. If you catch yourself in negative self talk or being hard with yourself, counter the thought by consciously appreciating what you do love about your body.

Summer Body: Before, During, And After

One of the best ways we have found to see the results of our efforts is by making time to take photos each week. You would be surprised just how soon you can see results once you get going. Set up a space that has decent natural lighting, put on your favourite cozzie, and take full body pics of yourself from the front, both sides, and back, and then on or around the same day each week, put on the same cozzie to take update pics.

If getting your best summer body is something you're super keen on and want to take a bit more seriously, you could even take measurements and weigh yourself after you've taken pics. Write down the results and watch the measurements change as you go along.

Summer Body Planning And Strategy

At Pure Within , we all know what it's like to be super busy and on the go, and when you're on the fly, we're more likely to stop and get fast food before we get too hangry. We can anticipate the "danger zones" and nip the opportunities to cheat in the bud by planning and prepping our meals ahead of time. First, have a game plan with what foods are going to be beneficial to you and write out a weekly menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks a day. Write a list of the ingredients you need, and hit the shops to stock up.

Then, allocate time once or twice a week to preparing the meals and snacks. If you have more time available, prepping two or three times a week will work better especially if you're not into freezing your food. If you're okay with freezing your food, then consider prepping the whole week's food in the one day.

If getting your best summer body is something you really want to achieve, you could even consider weighing the portions to make sure you're not over eating.

Summer Body Food

We're a big fan of whole foods here when it comes to eating clean and creating optimal health. That means lots of fresh produce like fruit and veggies, and if you are a meat eater, choose the lean, organic varieties. Consider looking into eating for your blood type to find out which foods will be more beneficial to you and which foods will less beneficial and even harmful. While one person may be able to have dairy and grains and still be healthy, someone else may find those foods act like poison in their body. Some foods are also easier to digest for some people, while others battle.

Track Your Meals

Tracking your meals allows you to see if your snack attacks are getting out of control. It might seem harmless to eat a small chocolate or a pizza one day a week as a cheat meal, but if you're thinking "Oh, this small chocolate won't make any difference" every day of the week, you’re fibbing to yourself and it's going to hold you back with progress. Tracking your meals will give you a better idea of where you can clean up your food behaviour so you can smash your goals.

While you're tracking your meals, write down what mood you were in while you ate, and also how you felt after eating. This will also help contribute to increasing your mindfulness about emotional triggers for comfort eating and also give you clues as to what food bloats you or hurts you so you can eliminate them from your diet.

Summer Body Sweat

The best way to blast fat is to sweat and move. While yoga is enough to keep some slim and trim, there are others of us who need High Intensity Interval Training to beat the bulge. Exercise, along with eating clean, healthy food is going to always have the best and longest lasting results. Plus you'll feel amazing after your workouts thanks to the rush of endorphins (the happy hormones) exercise gives us.

Summer Body Hydration

As the temperatures go up, you're going to need to increase your water intake. We lose a fair amount of water through sweating and even just breathing. Water also flushes toxins out of your body quicker and makes your skin clearer and brighter.

Summer Body Sun

Even if you are lucky enough to have a complexion that absorbs sun harmoniously, please be sure to wear sunblock. Wearing a factor 50 sunblock will protect your skin from the harmful rays being thrown off by the sun, while still allowing you to tan. In South Africa, we're right underneath the hole in the ozone layer, so we need all the help we can get as the summer sun scorches down.

We also highly recommend a good quality sun hat to protect the sensitive skin on your face while you're out and about having fun in the sun. There's no use having a banging summer body that needs to stay inside all day because you weren't sun savvy enough to put sunblock or a hat on and burnt to blisters. Also, peeling is not cool either.

Summer Body Final Thoughts

Getting results takes consistency and commitment. At first you're just going to start feeling better inside your body as you make healthy changes that go toward manifesting your best summer body. You'll notice your food digests easier, and you won't be as gassy. Your mood should improve along with your energy levels a week or so before you start noticing your clothes feel looser and your measurements reflect changes. Just believe in yourself and know that you're worthy of feeling and looking your absolute best. And remember: ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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