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Drinking Water For Health

Drinking Water Benefits: Pure Within Dives Into Which Is The Healthiest Water For You!

We've all heard about drinking water benefits, and how we should be consuming one-and-a-half to two litres of water per day, but here's something you may not have known: not all water is equal and there is some water that is going to have a better effect on your health than others.

In this blog, we're going to dive into the subject of water to let you know what you should look out for to make sure you're getting the maximum drinking water benefits.

First, we're going to look at our bodies and why we want to be drinking more water to improve our wellbeing. Then we'll check out what tap water is all about, and then explore a healthier alternative, before finally making some suggestions on how you can start to reap better drinking water benefits.

Drinking Water Benefits: Why Is Water So Important For Us?

To begin to answer this, let's remember that our human bodies are made up of 60 to 70% total body water. Water can be found in our tissue, bones, blood, brain, and in the cells that make up our body. We release water in many ways throughout our day and ensuring our body is hydrated is important for keeping the living organism that is our body functioning optimally. For example, did you know that even through an act as seemingly insignificant as breathing, we can lose between 7 and 70ml of water per hour depending on whether we are resting or exercising?

In addition to losing water through breathing, we also lose water through urination and perspiration, which are also daily activities the body carries out. The truth is, water is essential in every system and function in our body, so let's look at some of the biggest responsibilities water has in keeping us healthy and why we want to make sure we're getting proper drinking water benefits.

1) Water is the building block of every new cell that gets generated in our body, and the nutrition stored within water is the key to each cell's survival.

2) Water is the transportation channel that distributes the nutrition in your food all over your body to all the different organs that need to stay alive.

3) Water helps eliminate toxins in our body. This is done mainly through urination.

4) Water helps keep our body temperature healthy, which is why we sweat when we're hot and a big reason to make sure we're drinking more water in hotter weather and when we're living active lives.

5) Water plays a huge role in the spine's shock-absorbing system.

6) Water protects our sensitive tissues.

7) Water surrounds our brain to play a protective role, in the same way it does to protect babies in the womb.

8) Water is the main component in our saliva.

9) Water protects our bones and keeps our joints lubricated.

Drinking Water Benefits: Does Drinking Tap Water Contribute To Our Health?

While most Western cities around the world have clean drinking water flowing to our houses allowing us to quench thirst, clean our bodies, cook our food, wash our dishes and clothes, and live more hygienically, there are not many drinking water benefits to be found in tap water. Often, the water treatment companies treat the water to make it safe to use, but in doing so, it changes the structure of the water and often kills off many of the essential minerals found in natural water sources. Drinking water benefits are then further diminished after fluoride, antibiotics, and even antidepressants are added into the water before it flows through to our homes. Fluoride, for example, is capable of weakening our bones and causing osteoporosis!

Drinking Water Benefits: What Water To Use For Better Health And Wellness?

First prize when it comes to drinking water benefits is natural spring water straight from the source, and possibly the only water you want to be using on anything related to your body. Natural spring water is filtered by the earth in ways we haven't fully come to understand yet, and nature’s water filtration process works better than many invented processes humans have come up with. Spring  water is rich in minerals that our bodies desperately need and is free of many contaminants that you would find in the water flowing through your taps.

Spring Water in South Africa

Check out this document by the WWF to learn about where there are local spring water sources in your area. While those living in Cape Town only have to take a container to Newlands Forest or Vredehoek to get spring water, if you're living in cities around South Africa that don’t have the luxury of Table Mountain’s water flowing freely to the public, you may need to research companies who bottle water from the sources on the WWF list.

Be sure to check in with them about the pH level, fluoride, and other treatment chemicals they use on the water and the sanitisation products they use on their bottles. They should definitely only be using food grade bleach and not the industrial cleaning kind!

PureWithin also suggests you consider investing in your own body-safe containers to collect your water in. For ultimate health and safety, only get containers made from HDPE 2 – High Density Polyethylene

Final Words on Drinking Water Benefits Now you know, aside from ensuring you're drinking 1,5 to 2 litres of water daily, and more in summer or when you're physically more active, your body absolutely needs water to survive. We've also learned that not all water is beneficial to you, and we highly recommend wising up to water that will benefit your beloved body the way nature intended!